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Why is finding the right house clearance company important for you and your client?

Although clearing a property may sound like a simple task there can be many pitfalls to using the wrong company and can negatively impact your practices reputation.

Recommend the right house clearance company to your clients

Understanding Your Clients

As a probate solicitor you understand that your services are often needed at a difficult time in a persons life. It can often be a long and complicated process especially if your clients have never been through the process before. Recommending a house clearance company that works to the same high standards that you do and offer a swift and professional service is a great way to enhance the overall experience your client has.

Script House Clearance has been clearing properties for over 15 years and often speak to clients that are struggling through the process. We always strive to make the clearance of the properties as quick and pain free as possible Many of our clients also take comfort in the fact that we are a not for profit organisation and any proceeds generated from the house clearance go directly to support our charity.

Insured and Licensed

Solicitors often use a one-man band to handle their house clearance needs. Many of which are not insured to carry out a house clearance or may not even have a waste carriers license. If someone if found to be fly tipping it is not only that individual that will be fined but also the person that has employed their services.

Always make sure you use a reputable clearance company that is fully insured and licensed to carry out the work. When using a new company, ask for their waste carriers number and insurance details.

Loss of Important Paperwork

A good house clearance company will always make sure they put important paperwork to one side for you. Often, key documents are kept on site, which may have been missed initially. Saving key documents during a clearance such as V5, bank statements, property deeds etc. can ensure a much more efficient process for you and your clients.

Costs Before Funds Are Released

The UK House Clearance Association estimates that it costs on average £759 to clear a property. This cost will usually be paid for before any funds are released from the estate, which in turn, leads to added stress through the probate process.

As a not for profit organisation, Script often conduct house clearances completely free of charge to the client. This is due to low operating costs and reselling many items from the clearance to generate funds to support our charity. By operating this way much less waste goes to landfill and items are enjoyed for many years to come.

In summary, using the right house clearance company can save your clients money and ease the stress of the process, as well as save you time and effort and eradicate any risk of getting fined.

Need a property cleared? Call script today for a free no-obligation site visit.

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